torsdag 15 mars 2012

About My art added with new stuff

How to Be an Artist

Today I will show you and tell you moore about my art,   this is a little teaser.
I have a question to you and Stephen  Fry and that is if you know where  i can find the street on the painting?

Help me to find this Street!!

 I am happy for any suggestions!
I would like to visit this place. I have painted this place  straight from my mind.
During the time as i was creating this street i felt it had it´s own life, and i am sure that there is details missing. And the painting has not a name yet. I will find the street see it feel it and add  new features that i see when  I am there.
The reason i ask Stephen Fry is that i have this feeling that he knows i cannot explain why.

 This is my dear friends
Swati Patel with her husband Jonas Karlsson,
- and they just recently got married in India.

 It was in India with hundreds of people from her family and Jonas had his friends and family from Sweden that  had a flight down i January. Me and Göran had a moust beautiful invitationcard, where is was three days of differernt ritual before the actual weddingceremonie.
Jonas and Swati is the two on the left here, and the painting is of Swatis Parents when they got married a while back.
 Jonas and Swati asked me about two years ago if i could do a painting of them, well of course. It was paintedon canvas with oilcolor. It is in a size of 90x90.
 They have it haning on there wall at home in Uppsala /Sweden.
Last year Swatis mother who lives in the southwest of Sweden Helsingborg , was up to her big number birthday and I was asked to paint this one on the right.
The difference here is bg in the making. I have never met her parents, and had a small photo printed on a paper. My piont is to catch a feeling from a pesron. I am happy to say that the Patel family and her mother was pleased. with yhe result.

I will keep on adding moore about my art on this page


Here is some moore of my art from past times.

This is made in a mixed technic, with plaster put on canvas panted with acrylics.
" There is no such ting as limits"

 Vickys Papegoja

Denna olja är 90x90
är målad till min lillasyster i Göteborg 1995.
Det är en fantasiart.
Kanske en Kakadua som har fått färg på vingarna.

4 kommentarer:

Christina Magnusson sa...

Här kan du skriva vad du tycker

Anonym sa...

Hammarby sjöstad, skulle nog "kultursnobbarna" som bor där säga...

Christina Magnusson sa...

Ja om gatan ligger så nära, då blir det inte långt borta, Jag tänker att det finns någon som faktiskt har varit där.

Anonym sa...

Jag och Jonas är Super nöjda med båda tavlorna =))) Det kommer säkerligen dyka upp fler tavlor hos oss målade av Christina. Du är grym ;)!