söndag 1 april 2012

Michael Jackson´s most important song

Michael Jackson ultimate song

They don´t really care about us.

This song moves me, and I think this is one of Michael´s most important texts.
They are the markets of the world, and markets of the world are, Warfare, Religion, Kingdomes and Goverments in all countrys of the world.
God = Godness and there is no Godness in  was and in trading with peoples lives.
Godness is sharing
The greatest sin is the Lie. You steel and you´ll be stolen from the truth. Living in a lie is not godness.
The illussion of God is not Godness..
That is also a lie.
To trade money for godness is a lie.
This is my thruth. This is my freedom of speach.
The power of life has the woman.

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